Can you get laid for free?

We often see adverts for adult dating sites claiming that you can get free sex if you subscribe to their services, and this sounds like an appealing offer, After all who wants to pay for what is essentially a necessary human activity? But is there really such thing as free sex? Can you find a shag without emptying your pockets? We will be brutally honest and lay it out: there is no such thing as free sex, but it doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank just to get laid. So let’s take a look at all those potential costs you are facing.

Cost #1 – Meeting new partners out there.

Most people will either meet new partners by going out to social places. If you go out to nightclubs, then you know that you will have to pay an entry fee and a few drinks, and that is the minimum. Nightclubs don’t just let anyone in, and you are often faced with having to purchase a new wardrobe before the bouncers will consider letting you in their establishment. Then if you do get lucky you will have to pay for a cab to follow that lucky lady home, and probably another taxi for you to make it back home.

Cost #2 – Meeting people online

As previously mentioned, we’ve all seen those adverts and popups which claim: ‘Get laid now for free!’. Our logic is this: if those services are really free, then how do the people hosting those sites make any form of money? Charity exists in this world and dating websites are not one of them. To be fair most dating sites will let you register for free so you can take a look around and make your mind up, that is especially the case with adult dating sites. You can meet and fuck on any adult dating site, it’s pretty easy. Just create your profile and look at other members, but you will have limitations on what you can do. So unlike nightclubs, you can look around for free but contacting people will cost you a subscription. It is really just a good strategy to get you interested, but at least you do get something for free. Also, it’s not just men who go there, British women are looking for sex on Sex With No Strings and other naughty sites. Don’t worry, there are also women from the rest of the world, you just need to take a look and choose for yourself.

Cost #3 – Dating preparations

When you go out on a date, you have to give your partner a good impression. This involves being clean and presentable. You can wear your favourite clothes if that makes you feel comfortable, but a lot of people will make the effort and add a few extra clothes to their wardrobe for the occasion. Even if you just end up purchasing a few smart / casual items, the bill will start to grow. Then there are other things like buying condoms and other naughty accessories for your sex date. You should always come prepared when you’re doing some naughty dating, safety is always number one priority!

Cost #4 – The date itself

Sex dates often take place in hotel rooms, that is because you don’t know each other too well and you shouldn’t just meet at each other’s homes; at least not to start with. A hotel room is more neutral, and makes it easier for you or your partner to walk out of if need be. But before you even get there, you will most likely meet in a bar or café, which means you will also need to pay for a few drinks to get that party started. Finally there are the transport costs, it is cheaper if you are driving but if you’re using cabs and public transport then make sure you put a few coins on the side for that.

In conclusion, we can definitely say that getting laid for free is more of a myth than a reality. Now don’t get us wrong, if you’re sex dating then you’re not actually paying for the sex, rather you’re paying for facilitating the act. Hopefully you will become sex buddy with that naughty partner, eliminating most of those costs over time.

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