5 Reasons to Break Up with Someone You Love

There are countless reasons to break up with someone you love. Those reasons range from personal growth to emotional upheaval. The only thing worse than being pushed to the brink of despair is realizing that the person you love is a bad influence on your life. Luckily, there are also many ways to avoid this unpleasant conversation. Here are some tips that will help you stay together instead of breaking up.

Healthy relationship brings out the best in both partners

A healthy relationship is defined by mutual respect. Each partner supports the dreams of the other and respects their personal boundaries. Both partners give each other time and space to work out any differences. Neither partner feels threatened by the other financially or emotionally. They communicate openly and honestly with each other. Relationships are healthy when they bring out the best in both partners. If your relationship is in trouble, … READ MORE ...

Tips for Healing After a Break-Up

Some break-ups are a big relief; others can seemingly come out of nowhere and leave you utterly heartbroken. Even shorter-lived relationships can take a long time to recover from, particularly if the emotions involved were intense, and it might take you longer to get over these than you might realize. 

While some of your heartbreak might be easy to get your head around, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t the need for some healing no matter what the circumstances. If you have recently experienced the end of a relationship and are feeling a little bit lost, here are some tips that could help you move forward and eventually get ready to open your heart to someone else.

Try to Find Positive Distractions

It can be easy to begin obsessing over your previous relationship, even if you were the one who chose to end things. Hindsight is a powerful tool, and … READ MORE ...

How to Use the Power of Silence After a Break Up

Whether you are trying to get back together or just want to avoid your ex, there are some ways to use the power of silence after break up. First, you can implement a no-contact rule for 30 days. Then, after that, you can extend the no-contact rule indefinitely. The longer you stay silent, the more mystery your ex will feel. The longer you stay silent, the more your ex will miss you.

No contact rule for 30 days

If you break up with your ex, you must make sure you don’t act desperate and want them back. The no contact rule is for your own good. It’s also not a way to win your ex back. You’re not desperate, and you don’t want to rekindle the feelings of attraction that triggered the breakup. Instead, use this time to do other things, including physical activities, social activities, and self- improvement.

When … READ MORE ...

How to Cope with a Sudden Breakup in a Long-Term Relationship

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with your boyfriend, there are a few red flags that could signal trouble. These may include a recent change in the relationship or a secretive behavior by your boyfriend. Your boyfriend might have explained his actions and feelings to you but haven’t given you any more details. Regardless, it’s not the time to nag your boyfriend.

Investing in yourself

After a long-term relationship ends suddenly and unexpectedly, it’s natural to feel lost and confused. Although you may have been aware of the breakup for months or even years, the sudden shock still leaves you feeling overwhelmed and scared. This can lead to unhealthy emotional investment in others. If you want to feel better, invest in yourself and your own happiness. Here are some ways to do it.

Reclaiming a strong self-concept

Having a strong self-concept is very important for a person to recover … READ MORE ...

Break Up Meaning in Relationship

What is the break up meaning in a relationship? What does being single mean? Is your ex- partner your only friend anymore? How can you move on without your ex? These are questions that can help you decide what your next step should be. In addition to being single, you may need to adjust your daily routine, find new social connections, and get back to building your own identity. You may also need time to find a new routine, and it is important to make space from your partner, including any places that remind you of them.

Being honest

While it’s perfectly acceptable to make excuses, it isn’t appropriate to blame your partner for the breakup. It is always better to talk to your partner face to face and not through text messages, emails, or phone calls. Avoid confiding in a friend. Be honest, but not too much. By doing … READ MORE ...