One of the biggest problems that both sexes have with their attempts at making a man fall in love is in knowing how to make him truly fall in lust. Women typically believe that knowing men when it came to lust is an entirely difficult thing to do and this is next to impossible for most women. Most men just don’t seem to know or don’t seem to care where they stand on the lust/sex spectrum. This often leaves most women floundering helplessly about how to proceed.

There are times when a man will be so consumed with lust that he doesn’t even realize that he’s falling in love with a woman. However, it is important to understand that when a man falls in love with a woman he is truly in love and will feel all the emotions that come along with it. Understanding what makes a man fall in love makes it much easier for a woman to get to him and eventually make him feel special.

Every man has unique personality traits that make him distinct from others. However, there are some common characteristics that every man will experience. Most men start out falling madly in love with a woman who is very special to them. This may be because that woman is incredibly attractive and/or smart, is financially stable, and/or has a fulfilling personal life. Understanding how every man falls in love will allow you to use these same characteristics to get to a man’s heart and into his life.

Simply Know His Needs and Wants

The first step in understanding how every man falls in love with a woman is to simply know his needs and wants. Every man has his own needs and wants in his relationship with a woman. While you can always expect to fall madly in lust with a man you already know, there is a lot more to a relationship than just physical attraction. A man needs to be cared for, nurtured, appreciated and he needs to see his partner grow as a person and become an integral part of their lives.

Some of the things like attention, affection, and sex that men fall for immediately are things that women crave. However, men rarely give themselves to a woman in these ways right off the bat. They usually take time to become fully involved in the relationship.

Give His Time and Attention

Another way for a woman to keep a man in her life is to show him that she feels special by giving him time and attention. Each time you are with him he should feel like your only focus. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in person, but if you are hanging out with your friends or going out of town on the weekends then make him feel like his life is missing a lot when you aren’t around. Men like being in a committed relationship with a woman who gives him all the attention he needs. He wants to know that his life is falling into place because he feels like you are always there for him.

Giving a man a lot of attention also helps him realize how much you love him and how different you are from all the other women he has been involved with before. He starts to think that he is more than just a pretty face. All men want to be with a woman who will not only be loyal, but caring, loving, and sexually attracted to them as well. If you do all of these things in your relationship it will make a man fall in love with you over again.

Finally, when you are in a loving and committed relationship you will start to feel special. He will feel that every day he is your only moment with him and he will enjoy every second with you. This is the best time for a woman to let a man feel special, as he will feel like your lover and he will treat you like one. When a man realizes how much you care for him, he will feel more inclined to take you out and have fun, and this is exactly what a woman wants.