How to Use the Power of Silence After a Break Up

How to Use the Power of Silence After a Break Up

Whether you are trying to get back together or just want to avoid your ex, there are some ways to use the power of silence after break up. First, you can implement a no-contact rule for 30 days. Then, after that, you can extend the no-contact rule indefinitely. The longer you stay silent, the more mystery your ex will feel. The longer you stay silent, the more your ex will miss you.

No contact rule for 30 days

If you break up with your ex, you must make sure you don’t act desperate and want them back. The no contact rule is for your own good. It’s also not a way to win your ex back. You’re not desperate, and you don’t want to rekindle the feelings of attraction that triggered the breakup. Instead, use this time to do other things, including physical activities, social activities, and self- improvement.

When trying to figure out whether the no contact rule is the right move for you, consider how long it takes for you to heal and move on. It can take weeks, months, or years to move on after a relationship. This approach assumes that the ex will miss you and will doubt your decision within 30 days. However, it’s unlikely to work if you’re already completely over your ex and just want to move on.

Extend it indefinitely afterward

You’ve recently broken up with your partner and you want to keep your distance. The thought of talking to your ex might light up your face, but it’s not the best idea. Instead, use radio silence or no contact to maximize the power of radio silence after a break up and move on with your life.

The power of silence is in the power of will. By using radio silence after a breakup, you’re giving yourself time to heal and think about what went wrong.

Extend silence indefinitely after breakup

Increases sense of mystery

One of the best ways to increase your ex’s sense of mystery after a break up is to meet new people. This will remind him that life goes on without him, and will also create a new loop in his mind. Humans are naturally curious, and a new person will naturally spark curiosity in your ex. This is a simple way to help your ex remember that you’re still around. It’s also a great way to keep your ex interested in your life and how much you care.

Makes ex miss you

A good rule of thumb is to give your ex at least six weeks of radio silence after your break up. This time will allow you to rediscover yourself and decide what you want from your life. It will also allow you to reconnect with your ex while making him or her miss you even more. When your ex returns to you after six weeks of silence, he or she will see that you are still the same person they once loved.

Becoming more social on your own is also a good strategy. If you were not socially active in the past, consider joining a few social networks to show your ex what’s happening in your life right now. You can also try bombarding your ex’s newsfeed with fun posts. Alternatively, join a gym and get fit. Whatever it is that gets you back in shape, don’t let your ex know that you’ve been doing so.

Makes you stronger

After a breakup, it is a good idea to get some space and silence from your ex. This will help you clear your head and concentrate on yourself. This will also help your ex think about your relationship. The longer you wait for your ex to call you, the more likely it is that he or she will regret it. Remember, it’s never too late to start over again. Silence is a great way to rebuild a relationship after a breakup.

After a breakup, if you’ve been in an abusive relationship, the best way to maintain communication is to let your ex heal by giving them space. This will help both of you heal. You don’t want to give your ex too much attention, but you don’t want to let them down either. It’s not worth it if you’re not sure what to say. It’s okay to communicate with your ex occasionally, but only in a friend capacity.

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