The use of online dating services has spiked up in recent years. This can be attributed to the increase in dependency on the internet.

Studies have shown that the more we rely on the internet to do all our tasks chances are high that we shall also depend on the internet to match us with potential matches.

Online dating services have taken this opportunity to therefore make as many dating sites as they could. With some being reliable while some are just after increasing their user base.

Most of the dating apps have been manipulated by people seeking sexual advancement, maybe at a fee. It can therefore be hard especially for the older generation who simply want to find a potential spouse.

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The matching part is done, how then can we make it a successful online dating? Let’s have a look at some of these tips;

1.  Appearance matters

The most unfair part of online dating is that everyone is matched according to the profile picture on display. Important attributes like personality are done away with.

You, therefore, need to put some effort to come up with a good profile picture.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not after increasing the number of matches we get because then we’ll have a bunch of people to talk to making it even more difficult.

We are instead after increasing our success in being matched with a person we’ve already liked.

You want to make a good first impression. Pick a beautiful picture of you or have someone else choose the picture for you.

Do not use pictures of celebrities, Instagram models, or any pictures whatsoever that do not identify you.

Do not catfish anyone, it sends a wrong impression and most importantly you will never go for a second date.

If it is possible, you may go ahead and verify your account. This feature is available for some dating websites.

2.  Make correct matches

I understand that physical appearance matters in online dating. However, this does not mean that you go matching with everyone that looks cute.

Look at the information displayed on their profiles. Do you have a similarity or do you find their hobbies interesting and something that sparks your curiosity?

Some people have in their bio disrespectful content, are gender insensitive, or are just after sex. You should not use their physical appearance to justify their behavior.

Do not be afraid to unmatch someone you’ve matched with but after a couple of conversations, you realize they are nothing close to what you are looking for.

Entertain only people you find as the right or potential matches for you.

3.  Take red flags seriously

Some relationships would long have been ended if one of the parties has acted and addressed a red flag.

Red flags are prevalent especially in online dating because you don’t get to physically meet someone for a while.

It provides an opportunity for someone to fake who they are if not personality-wise, then appearance-wise.

Some of the most common red flags to be on the lookout for online dating are; if someone asks you for money, if someone refuses to send a picture (with this, also don’t insist on a picture if you’ve already been sent one.)

Another red flag is when they say they love you after a short time of interaction.

4.  Set your dating priorities right

If you want to successfully date online, you have to set your priorities right.

With this I mean, why are you on a dating site in the first place?

Are you looking for a serious long-term relationship, or a short-term relation, do you want a sexual relationship and nothing further?

Understanding what you want will give you the clarity to find someone with the same interest.

Be open to telling your online match that this is what you are looking for and if the person doesn’t share the same thoughts like you, let that person go.

For whatever reason you are on a dating site, ensure you are on the same page as your match.

5.  First date rules

The first date is usually the determiner of how well the relationship is going to work out for you and your partner.

If you get this right, you shall end up going for the second date and subsequent dates.

On the first date, DO NOT, push for intimacy. Most people get this part wrong and has consequently led to the failure of many relationships.

Do not talk about your exes, this might send an impression that you are not yet over that person.

Lastly, keep your manner and do not act out of character.