Blind Date Dos And Don’ts

Blind Date Dos And Don’ts

Blind Date Dos And Don'ts

Blind dates are thrilling and nerve-wracking at the same time. There are a few dos and don’ts every guy should keep in mind before they meet someone for the first time.

Here are :

  1. Don’t spend the whole night talking about the couple or person who set you up.
  2. For example, don’t say: “So, Brenda is hot, huh?” or something that he doesn’t want to answer or that doesn’t lead to a conversation about him.
  3. Do bring up the person who introduced you or set you up as a way to create a common interest, such as saying something like this:
  4. “Brenda told me you met playing volleyball. Do you play any other sports?”
  5. If you say something else along those lines, it mentions your mutual acquaintance in a way that stimulates further conversation between you.
  6. Don’t have her over to your place for dinner on that first blind date. If the date is a dud, you are both stuck and it is awkward and uncomfortable.
  7. Do meet at a public place, but not for dinner.
  8. Meet for coffee or a drink at a place that isn’t so loud you can’t have a decent conversation and get to know one another.
  9. Don’t talk about past relationships on your first date.
  10. Don’t tell her how your last girlfriend cheated on you or she was boring so you left her or how you still have a broken heart from your high school sweetheart. Save any of that for much later if you get into a relationship with the woman.
  11. Do talk about how you are in relationships if it comes up.
  12. You might say that you don’t date much because when you find someone you like she usually becomes your long-term girlfriend or that you aren’t into dating exclusively because you just aren’t ready to settle down but that isn’t to say the right woman couldn’t change your mind.
  13. Don’t brag about how cool you are, how much money you make and what an awesome dude you are.
  14. Even though it is your first date and maybe your only chance to impress her, bragging like that is a huge turn-off and any woman who responds to that isn’t a woman you want in your life anyway.
  15. Do let her get to know how cool you are on her own, over time.
  16. What that means is that it’s OK to be a little mysterious about how cool you are. My mother always told me if you’re cool, you don’t need to tell anyone how cool you are. Little things will let her know what you are like. And if you hit it off on a deeper level and begin seeing each other, she will learn these things eventually anyway and will be impressed that you have enough self-confidence that you didn’t need to brag to her on that first date.

These are some general dos and don’ts for blind dates. Remember a blind date is just that first gut-wrenching meeting with someone you have never met. Chances are someone set you up together for a reason, so follow these rules and take the time to get to know each other and that blind date may become a second and third date and might even lead to true love.

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