Blind Date Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Blind Date Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Blind Date Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Blind dates can be exciting and unnerving concurrently. I’m sure you’ve heard or had your great amount of blind date stories about failures. I remember this one time when I agreed for the blind date with my long-time chat mate Rudy.

We met at this cafe, not far from my apartment. Everything was going perfectly well that night when out of the blue, a female splashed a glass of water on Rudy’s face. She was angry and ready to brawl. What is more, she was cursing and yelling at us. It turned out to be Rudy’s wife! Of course, I was so embarrassed! My blind date was a two-faced lying jerk! Everybody was looking at us that night, the passers-by stopped to view the drama.

I was so humiliated. So, I made it clear towards the Mrs. that I did not know he or she is married and I hurriedly ran out of the place. To add insult to my humiliation, that night, when I was on my way to have my laundry, I saw Mrs. Frederick, the old lady who lives 3 doors far away from me.

“Are you okay, dear? I saw what happened this evening.” She said. “I’m alright Mrs. Frederick. Thank you.” I replied. “Next time, you need to know better before dating a married man!” She finished off almost scorning. She turned her back before I could explain myself. It took me a while to take any more blind dates after.

Learning from my experience, below are a few important guidelines on the to-do over a blind date.

When going out with a stranger, you should know “Safety First”– tell a trusted friend where and when you have and who will be you dating. It’s also wise to suggest a public place at a meeting and don’t forget to handle a fully charged cell phone in the event of an emergency.

If possible suggest a double-date, it’s safer and can ease inside the tension. Once you’ve got your health concerns covered, here are a couple of advice on where to go and what to accomplish with a blind date.

Avoid having dinner dates or movie dates; as if the rendezvous doesn’t go well, you might be bound to acquire stuck with him the complete meal or perhaps the whole movie together. It’s best to choose coffee or possibly a dessert after the meal. You might also want to think about the expenses with the blind date. Practically speaking, visiting a low- to- mid price range cafe is usually advisable. And to liberate the stress of that is paying the bill, offer to spend half. It’s also to stop the sense that you simply owe him something.

Now that you might be aware of the dos and don’ts, be cautious about these items: A wedding ring is a huge “No-No”. You should also be observant of ring marks for the ring finger, possibly the objective on the ring finger; make sure you enquire about it. The bottom line is; there isn’t business dating these men given that they only spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Lastly, be keen together with his attitude. Watch out for these character traits: He treats you and/or waiters rudely. He talks about nothing else but his past relationships, and he talks ill about his ex or his mother. The date hasn’t started yet but he could be on his 3rd shot of scotch, or he pays more care about his phone or other women inside the cafe.

Most importantly, be aware of anti-social signs, abusive and/ or criminal behaviors. And when you determine to cut your blind date short, you will have a sound excuse. No matter how the blind date went, be polite and thank the other person to the time spent along.

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