Blind Date – Tips and Suggestions

Blind Date – Tips and Suggestions

Blind Date - Tips and Suggestions

A blind date is meeting someone you have never met before for dating purposes. Often our friends who think that we are a suitable partner for someone they know. They arrange our meeting and we land to meet someone we don’t know, someone we call our blind date.

A blind date is like any other date, except that you don’t have the slightest clue about him. So you need to be extra careful about everything. Men and women must be extra polite and put forward their best abilities. There are many things to remember to make your blind date successful.

Men Should Try To Listen More Than Try To Make A Listening Date

Remember, a woman decides in less than a minute whether she should date you or not. So be extra polite with him, make him feel special and let him do the talking.

Always Keep The Choice Open

If you are in a quiet place while your date likes disco or open patio parties, you should be prepared with Plan B. If you have a choice on your tips, you will not be confused about the place. And he wants your planning strategy.

Watch him If you try to see another beautiful woman, she will notice and leave you. Make him feel special by giving him all your attention.

Don’t Open A Question About Your Ex Or Past

Ask your date an open question and don’t ask about your ex or past. Questions that can be answered as Yes, No and I don’t know should be avoided. Ask something that makes him smile or that allows you to start a great conversation. Don’t ask questions that are confusing or based on questions. Avoid questions that can make you have a long discussion. You are here to get to know each other and not engage in discussion.

If You Really Like Your Date, Try Letting Him Know

Make eye contact with him or say something that impresses him. He may laugh when you start praising him, but he will get your ideas and intentions.

Don’t show off your family business or your handsome salary, luxury car, etc. What should impress your date is you and not someone else.

Men Must Show Leadership

Ask him to dance or for long trips, ask him if he is comfortable, etc. This will show your masculine side and impress him.

Ask Her How She Would Get In Touch With You Again

In case you find your date really nice, you must try to take her contact number or ask her how she would get in touch with you again. If she is willing to meet you again, she would not hesitate in giving away her number else she will make some excuse and you must get the idea that she doesn’t want to meet again.

Must be ready with the alternate plan

You must also be ready with your alternate plan in case your date doesn’t turn out to be too good. The escape route should be such that it doesn’t hurt him/her. Maybe you can ask one of your friends to give you a call at a certain time to know about the date. If it is going fine, you can tell him the positive things and hang up else you can make an excuse for your friend’s emergency situation and leave.

Be Careful With Words And Actions

Remember that your first blind date would determine whether or not you will get a second date with the same person.

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