Dating Advice – 5 Ways to Make a First Date Go Smoothly

Dating Advice – 5 Ways to Make a First Date Go Smoothly

First dates are always a little nerve-wracking. You want to make a good impression, especially if you like the person. Even if it’s a blind date, you still want the other person to like you, because that’s just a good self-esteem boost. But because you don’t know the other person very well, you’re always a bit on edge on a first date. You don’t know what to expect because you don’t know what this person is really like. After all, this time it could be “The One”.

You don’t have to worry anymore. Here are 5 ways to make a first date go smoothly. Then, whether you develop a regular dating relationship will be up to YOU, and not your date. Your date may be begging for a second go-around once your first date is done if you follow this simple dating advice.

  • Act naturally, but don’t go overboard. You want your new guy or girl to know what you’re like because you don’t want any potential dating relationship to be based on false assumptions that you’ll never be able to keep up long term. However, you want to activate your natural best. That means keeping any bad habits out of sight for the moment. Yes, we all have those annoying or rough spots. Keep them in check at first. Show your date the best side of the real you. The rest can be revealed slowly, later, if you decide to pursue additional dates with this hot babe or handsome hunk.
  • Don’t have any preconceived expectations. You just don’t know the other person well enough yet to expect anything from him or her. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised at how the evening unfolds, and use that to determine if you think additional dates are worth pursuing.
  • Go somewhere fun and in public. That way, there won’t be any pressure to perform sexual acts on the first date that you might not be ready for (which there would be if you were alone). You can enjoy each others’ company in a relaxed, casual, and public environment and feel more at ease.
  • Don’t go anywhere fancy. Save that for later dates, such as an anniversary or milestone dates, once you’ve gotten to know each other better. The pressure to behave a certain way will be minimized if you keep it casual.
  • Girl Tip: If you’re a woman, bring money to pay for your half of the date. Chances are he won’t ask (and he’s a heel if he does), but you don’t want to be caught off guard if he assumes you’re going Dutch.

Guy Tip: If you’re a guy, always insist on paying for both of you. She may offer to pay for her half, but if you let her, she’ll most likely think less of you and won’t want a second date. Follow these pieces of advice and your first date will go smoothly for all parties

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