The Best and Worst of Having a Relationship

The Best and Worst of Having a Relationship

Love is a beautiful thing, but it also comes with hitches along the way. That is to say that there is no special manual specifically for how things should go in a love relationship. There are usually days of ups where lovely memories get created with the love of your life. Other days, you may not be so sure about why you got together with that person.

However, the bad days do not necessarily make the person you are with a terrible person. It just means that you are two different people with different opinions, mindsets, and personalities. While you may think being single is quite blissful, it is also blissful to be in a relationship with someone who loves you and you love in return.

In essence, that is to say; there are pros and cons to being in a relationship. This article will explain the pros and cons, as some items also give essential advice for a long term relationship.

Pros of Being in a Relationship

Love is a magical thing, and you would be surprised as to many benefits you stand to gain if you are in a lovely and blissful relationship with someone you believe is your heartthrob. Some of these pros or advantages are the following: –

  1. You will become happier

Being truly loved and loving the person in return will bring you so much bliss and happiness.

  1. You have someone to talk to on your bad days.

On your bad days, you will have someone with whom you can share your feelings. On the good days, you will always be eager to tell them how your day went and what your expectations are for the next day.

  1. It can lengthen your lifespan.

Being happy in your relationship will make you have peace in your mind. This peace and happiness will, in turn, help to lengthen your life span.

  1. It helps to reduce stress.

Being in love and a relationship with your partner goes a great deal to help reduce the level of stress in your life. You have someone with whom you can discharge and recharge together.

  1. It helps you sleep better and faster.

Another pro you will enjoy is that it will be hard for you to develop insomnia when your mind is at peace. Sleep will even come better and faster if you get to cuddle with your partner.

Cons of Being in a Relationship

As there is hardly anything with advantages that don’t come with some disadvantages, being in a relationship has cons. Some of the disadvantages are the following: –

  1. You may lose some of independence

You will not have the usual level of autonomy you had while you were single.

  1. The thrill of the chase will fade off.

Since you are both in a committed relationship now, the thrill of the chase may fade off.

  1. You may not have time for other relationships.

Another con is that you may not have time for other relationships or friendships in your life as you become dedicated to your partner.

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