Types of People You Will Definitely Meet on Dating Apps

Types of People You Will Definitely Meet on Dating Apps

Dating Apps are becoming unsurprisingly more prevalent, especially as almost everyone now owns a mobile device or system.

Dating Apps provides online platforms where different people can meet each other. Customer reviews on ReviewsBird.com reveals that dating apps even though frowned upon by a very few number or people for some reasons, has helped establish many valuable and well meaning relationships. They do not only enable hook ups but also create long lasting relationships.

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An assessment of dating apps reviews shows that dating apps are credited to have established most long distance relationships which could not have been possible given the physical distance between the parties.

There are several kinds of people you can meet on dating apps. This content aims at identifying 5 different groups of people you are most likely to meet on a dating app:

1. The social media opportunists

It’s very easy to identify attention seekers on dating apps. Usually, they share their social media handles on their profiles and have very attractive photos to gain more attention and followers. They are very concerned with how many followers and fans they get and they try as much as possible to sustain their online presence. Do you have someone in mind that fits these criteria?

2. The friend-zone

There are people who actually get on dating apps for fun and to make friends. They only use pick-up lines and flirt with you for fun. Thus, do not expect too much and put high hopes on them for any romantic relationships because you will probably get turned down stylishly. They are popularly known as the friend zone However, if you are interested in creating great friendships on dating sites, then they are very good meets!

3. The stalkers

Do you know it is very possible for someone to stalk you online? They know where you are. They know where you live. They know the minute you go online and offline. Yes, they are pretty much obsessed with you and your presence. Unwanted attention is definitely not something most people would like. Be sure to take care of your own privacy and report anytime you feel violated and harassed.

4. The advice-seekers

Every now and then, you might bump into the advice-seekers on dating apps. The site serves as a platform for free therapy for them. They seek relationship advice, job advice, and general life advice. Some even ask for academic advice! Do not be surprised when you come across Mathematics questions or Geography questions on coding.

5. The lovers

This is likely the most interesting part of dating apps – creating romantic relationships. Well, most people get on dating apps to see if they’re destined to meet THE ONE online. So, of course, we had to include it in our list. There are many success stories from dating apps where people find their significant others and have a blissful relationship which can even lead to marriage- the physical distance between the lovers notwithstanding.

Bottom Line

Dating apps are interesting sites where you get to meet different types of people. Different people use dating apps for different reasons and this has helped in categorizing them. However, you can be certain to meet any set of people you desire on the app.

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