Tips for Dating an Older Person

Tips for Dating an Older Person

It is common to feel attracted to a person who is older than you. The age difference is not a big deal. At times even when ages don’t match, maturity levels do. The world of online dating has made dating even simpler. You can get to online dating sites and look and find a perfect person to date. However, it is vital to be cautious with online dating sites. Always use review sites such as and only go for positively reviewed dating sites. While you can match with an older person, some factors come to play, including priorities, general interests, and gender. This article discusses factors that affect dating an older person. It also offers some tips that you should have while dating an older person than you are.

Factors affecting dating an older person

Sexual readiness: A good relationship should entail exploring each other’s sexuality at each other’s pace. When there is a huge age difference, the elder partner may be more skilled and want to do things that the younger partner is not ready for. Typically this leaves the younger partner feeling coerced into engaging in sexual activities they aren’t willing. This may ruin the relationship.

Power: If you are dating an older person, you are at diverse stage of life. This translates to a power variance between both of you. The older partner will typically play a superior role in decision making and will even speak for the younger partner. On the other hand, the younger partner will always have difficulty voicing their opinion, particularly on issues relating to worries in the relationship. Race, economic background and gender will affect the extent to which age will affect power.

Legal stuff: Age and sexual relationship have some associated legal issues. 16 is the legal age within which one can consent to sexual activity in the UK. When approaching someone younger than you, it is important to consider such legal issues, ask yourself questions such as does the law allow me to have a sexual relationship with him/her?


Tips for dating an older person

1.  Always be yourself

The fact that you are in a relationship with an individual who’s older than you can make you tempted to change your entire personality to fit your assumptions of them. This may include pretending to love some of the things they also love while you don’t. This should not be the case; instead, you will be surprised to learn that you have so much in common, even with an older person than you. Typically older partners have more experience in life and value being true to themselves, so don’t feel pressurized. Always act the person you are.

2.  Never get intimidated

Being in a relationship with an older person may be intimidating, especially if they are stable and successful in life. It’s expected that as people age they become more mature. Don’t allow this to make you make you run away from your partner. An older partner understands that you are younger and that you are prone to making mistakes just like any other person. Therefore be confident and know that you have a lot to bring to the relationship, which will also be a great source of learning for your partner.

3.  Practice effective communication

Some issues in communications will accompany the change from dating an agemate to dating an older partner. The fact that you are at diverse points of life may make you have difficulties in understanding each other’s viewpoints. Normally this can lead to arguments and misunderstandings. Experience has taught older people that there isn’t any need to hold thoughts and feelings back while dealing with each other. Thus, you will find your older partner appreciating you more when you get honest with them and let them know your true feelings.

4.  Take things slowly

When younger individuals are dating older partners, they are suddenly amazed by their achievements, solid careers, big houses, and established businesses. This may influence many to being too quick into their partners. It is important to keeping mind that as exciting as you may find it to be, always go into things step by step and avoid being in a hurry to make decisions as this may cause regrets in the future. Take time, get to know your older partner better, and let them also know you better before getting carried away by their possessions. In conclusion, the world of dating may seem complex, especially if you are dating an older person. However, this needs not be the case. This article has discussed some important factors you need to consider and tips to know when dating an older person.

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