Why You Should Never Pay for Online Dating

Why You Should Never Pay for Online Dating

Online dating is a popular option because of the relative ease of the process. It is accessible from anywhere and it gives people a sense of comfort. It is much easier to approach a stranger online than in real life.

The popularity of online dating has brought many options to the market. Dating websites are general, specialized, free and paid. Some people are lured into believing that a paid dating website will increase their chances of discovering true love.

Why You Should Never Pay for Online Dating

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Is it really worth it spending money on online dating when hundreds of free opportunities are available? Apart from being a financial burden, paid online dating can lead to a needless sense of necessity and failed expectations.


Just imagine a website that features hundred of impeccable pictures. The men resemble mister Olympia but all of them have university degrees and well paid jobs. All women approximate Pamela Anderson. To make it even better – they cook, they listen and they take perfect care of their house.

Once a person provides the payment needed to use the website, the situation changes. All the movie stars disappear to be replaced with… well, regular people.

Many websites use this little trick to lure love customers. The beautiful presentation will certainly look tempting but it will be miles away from reality. An inexperienced online dater could be fooled into believing the marketing messages. It all goes downhill from there.

Not Knowing What You Will Get

In the case of free dating websites, people can simply register, examine several profiles and decide whether the effort is worth it.

When it comes to paid dating, a user will have no idea about who is on the website until a payment has been made. Thus, people are paying for a service that they are uncertain about.

Paid online dating is tricky exactly because it involves feelings and the deepest, intrinsic desire that everyone has – to find true love. If a payment is made and the service proves to be of poor quality, the disappointment will be even greater.

A Sense of Necessity

When you pay for a service, you would expect it to be more efficient than its free alternative.

Paid dating creates a sense of urgency and a sense of necessity. You feel obliged to start dating precisely because you have invested in the process.

Free online dating is more relaxed. People feel more confident about exploring profiles and thinking carefully about the decision they are about to take. Paid dating feels like doing business. A result is expected and this sentiment can rush people into making very poor selections.

The Availability of a Free Alternative

Why should you pay when you can use a similar service that is free of charge? In fact, many free dating websites are designed and created in a good way. They enable active communication and make it easy for people to get in touch with each other.

Online dating is also taking place through social networks like Facebook. Their appearance has revolutionized the manner in which people seek for new contacts online. All these new options make it even more needless to waste financial resources on paid dating websites.

Everyone should be free to look for love in any possible way. Paid dating websites put some limitations, adding a degree of exclusivity. Some of them might be worth the funds spent but the majority will lead to disappointment. Try several free websites before you go for a paid alternative. You will see that their options are just as good.

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