7 Secret qualities of men discovering heat

7 Secret qualities of men discovering heat

7 Secret qualities of men discovering heat

Yes, we usually open books for almost all women around. Or so we let you think;) Seriously, there are usually a few things you can know about us just by glancing at us, but there are SOME secrets that we keep among ourselves, especially when it comes to relationships. Despite the sheer number, here are 7 “secrets” that make a woman very attractive to us.

1. Intelligence: Perhaps the number one misconception is that all men look for girls who are stupid and easy to lie. Indeed, sometimes we are what we are looking for, depending on the opportunity (we are not looking for a wife at the club.) However, what we are really looking for 90% of the time is women who are intellectual matches with which we can talk (talk ?! !?) Yes you read that correctly, we really want you to be smart, it can even be on if you are smarter than us. Just don’t let anyone know we said that!

2. Personality: “He has a great personality” is the guy’s code for “He’s ugly but …” That’s true, but in reality we want you to have a great personality; it completes the package. Just like you want a man who makes you laugh, we want a girl we can laugh with.

3. Not Going to Sports: An 8 hour potato with a bag of Doritos in one hand and beer in the other is a stereotype that is overused. Sure, some of us like soccer, baseball, or F1, but many of us don’t like sports as a whole. If you don’t like sports, that’s good for us.

4. Seen: Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie; it is widely regarded as the symbol of a perfect woman. Although it’s hard to deny that women like them are attractive in our eyes, every man has his personal criteria about what is “beautiful”, and often looks like a perfect barbie doll isn’t it. In fact, most of us like a little meat on our women. A little booty can be very useful.

5. Looks Bigger: Enough chest can attract our attention, but not as important as a beautiful face. Regardless of where you see our eyes going, we really talk to you and not your chest during the conversation.

6. Sex: If you can shake our beds it’s fantastic. But if that’s all you can do, we will get bored quickly. Men love great women by getting in and out of bed. However, sex is about communication between partners for mutual satisfaction; it means if you don’t know every position in the book, it’s okay because we can study together. But if you don’t know how to speak our language (speak metaphorically) it’s a little more difficult to overcome.

7. Communication: We like when you talk. We really do it. Even if we sometimes come out when you start talking about the latest Twilight film / book, we want to listen to what you say. Even if we don’t show it. Sometimes we just like to hear your voice, it comforts us, enlivens us, and more.

7.1 Secret Bonus: We will not admit this to anyone else, but we also like Twilight. So if you want to talk about how “Edward shouldn’t …” we are a game, maybe it’s better to do it privately so that our friends who tend to Twilight don’t feel left out (code to: “or laugh at us.”)

So there you have it, confirmation that a man really wants a woman many of the same things that you want in a man. It just needs a little push so we admit it.

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