Penis stretcher is another name of the penis extender or traction device, the idea of giving the name of penis extender to traction device is that the traction force is used to enlarge the size of the penis. Traction force is used to give the strength to the different parts of the body so it also shows the good result when we apply it into the penis extender. The traction force cause to increase the circulation of the blood into the penile organs, so when the circulation of the blood increase the dead cells of the penis start to activate which result in an increase in the penis size. Penis extender results when we use them carefully and properly because there are lots of things that we must keep in mind before the use of penis extender. The penis extender is the device which is worn into the penis and cause to produce the traction force and the penis extender is so designed that it can be easily adjusted to the penis and cannot give any injury to the penis and the two bars on it cause to give the tightness to the penis extender on the penis. The stretching of the penis cells in the muscle and tissues causes a process called the cell division which is the natural response of the body. The gentle stretching in the penis causes the cell division and multiplies these cells which cause to expand the size of the tissue and when the size of the tissue increases then the size of the penis also increases permanently.

Some important things about usage

A penis extender is the one and only way to increase the size of the penis without any medical surgery. The companies who produce the penis extender claim that you can increase the size of the penis up to 3 inches if you use the penis extender properly almost 6 months. It is not necessary for you that you wear the penis extender day by day but when you wear the penis extender wear it almost up to 6 hours in a day. The typical increase about to 1 inch if you use the penis extender 6 weeks, and if you continuously use the extender 3 months then you can increase the size of your penis almost 2 inches and some user who want a really big penis I mean that if you want to increase your penis up to 4 inches then you must use the penis extender at least 12 months that is equal to one year. Once you gained your penis as your desire as you got a long and thick penis then you should stop the usage of the penis extender because the length and strength you get with the use of the penis extender is permanent. The longer you use the penis extender, the quicker will result, in simple words that if you want the rapid and accurate result then you must have to wear the penis extender almost 8 to 10 hours in a day.