The Dangers of Staying in an Abusive Relationship

The Dangers of Staying in an Abusive Relationship

For a relationship to be abusive, it isn’t necessary that you have to endure physical harm. An abusive relationship might just as easily be emotionally abusive, and when this is the case, it is hard to know when to call it off. If you have nagging suspicions about your relationship and feel it might be abusive, call it off, or else here’s what you are risking.

The very first danger of staying in an abusive relationship is that you will most probably become a victim of depression and that may eventually aggravate into something serious, heart problems for instance. If the abuse is physical, you are not only risking harm to your body, but will also become paranoid and jumpy. When this happens, you will over think every little thing you are about to do and wonder if it will make him angry. This is no way to live, and if you don’t get help you might sink into despair and develop anxiety disorders.

An abusive relationship will make you feel helpless and without any control over your life. Victims of abuse are very often in complete denial. This is because the abusive partner craftily applies brainwashing, until you feel like you are totally dependent on him. This loss of control will make you feel worthless until you lose your self-esteem and accept the abuse, maybe even go as far as to feel that you deserve it. Therefore if you stay in an abusive relationship for long enough, you will start hating yourself and will stop struggling to make your life better.

While physical abuse is serious because it may harm your mental state and the injuries may even prove to be dangerous or fatal in the end, emotional abuse is no better. A partner who insults you, taunts you, and controls your life may drive you over the edge until you start contemplating suicide and other means to harm yourself.

If you are married and your spouse is abusive, your kids are in danger. No child should be made to witness a parent getting abused, for this leaves permanent emotional scarring, ruining the children’s quality of life forever. What’s more, if your spouse harms you physically, he might one day start taking it out on the children too.

Get help as soon as you can. There’s no reason to stay in a relationship that puts you in constant danger and robs you of the right to live your life as you please. Your partner may swear that he loves you and that it happens because he is possessive, but you know what’s best for you, and it’s not him.

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